The benefits of the Mangosteen fruit for our bodies

Indonesia’s natural wealth can not be doubted. From the land of Indonesia, “super fruit” to grow and is known by the name of mangosteen. Mangosteen is a seasonal fruit with purple skin and white contents. Benefits of mangosteen to the world famous. Mangosteen can combat ranging from free radicals cause aging, until the harmful bacteria in the body. In the mangosteen fruit, there are several nutrients, such as: xanthones, catechins, quinones, and stilbenes. Xanthones is an active chemical structure comprising three rings and this makes it verystable when in the body. Xanthones serves to overcome the inflammation and pain, toenhance immunity and body pain barrier, and also can prevent the growth of cancercells and tumors. Cathecins act as antioxidants that is worth five times the vitamin C. Quinones are known as polysaccharides and anti-bacterial, so it can protect the body from any bacteria. Both also serve as a deterrent cancer. Stillbenes are substances prevent the occurrence of various fungi that harm the body. Here are the benefits of the mangosteen fruit, may be a reference for women to be more concerned with natural treatments.

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