Air kelapa (1 ltr) gula (7.5-10%) 0.06% (NH4)2SO4 dipanaskan sampai gulanya larut kemudian disaring untuk menghilangkan sisa-sisa kulit kelapa. Setelah dingin, pHnya diatur dengan menambahkan asam asetat atau asam cuka hingga kisaran 3-4. kemudian diinokulasi dengan biakan nata/air kelapa konsentrasi tinggi (10%). Dituang dalam wadah fementasi. Wadah ditutup dan diperam selama 8-14 hari hingga lapisan mencapai ketebalan kurang lebih 1.5 cm. Setelah pemeraman selesai, nata dipanen, dicuci, dihilangkan asamnya dengan perebusan atau perendaman dalam air selama tiga kali (air diganti tiap hari). Nata kemudian dipotong-potong dan direbus kembali, ditiriskan. Perebusan selanjutnya dalam larutan gula 40% selama 30-45 menit. Dibiarkan semalam dalam larutan gula. Selanjutnya nata siap dikonsumsi. Sumber:

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Siung Beach, New Enchantment in Yogyakarta

Siung beach is one beach in Gunungkidul regency, Yogyakarta. Although including the newest known, this beach has become a mainstay of the region. Located in District Tepus cloves, about 70 km from Yogyakarta. Unlike the beaches that had already been known as Parangtritis, Siung including short. This beach is located in the basin whose length is only about 300-400 m. But here in lies precisely in its merits. Short Beach is surrounded by corals large blackish color, which is largely overgrown with vegetation and moss green. Alloy clear blue sea and greenery add to the beauty of the panoramic rock this place. Siung is not the most ideal beach for swimming because of facing directly into the Indian Ocean. Topography of the craggy and rocky beaches and big waves were difficult for you to swim. No wonder the local government put up a sign ban swimming. But, of course you can still play the water on the beach. Another specialty of this beach is still the number of trees on the beach. You can just rent a mat from the surrounding area and take shelter under the trees. Besides suitable as a place to escape from the bustle of everyday life, Siung very suitable for those who have a hobby of photography. The beach is a short and limited to the reefs is precisely the object of a very interesting photo. When you do not mind sweating, you can follow the path on the left side of the beach to reach the top of the cliff. Approximately 10-15 minutes it takes to get to the top. From there, you will see the whole beach and large rocks on the left and right. Also seen in the Wediombo Beacheast side Siung. In addition to being a tourist attraction and an interesting photo, the area around the Siung Beach also often used as a rock climbing gym. Students in Yogyakarta nature lovers and even outside the city often practice here, taking advantage of cliffs with varying sizes and diverse paths. Because only known in recent years, siung not much visited by tourists. Still clear seawater, coral reefs were still free from the hands of ignorant humans. The locals have built a small shop, toilets and praying on this beach. Unlike most resorts, the prices on the beach is still quite normal that this beach can be a cheaper option streets for you. When the stomach began to ache, you can visit one of the stalls that lined the shore. Usually they provide instant noodles, rice and side dishes, and coconut ice. You can also ask shop keeper to cook the fish which fishermen arrested. Unfortunately, in this area many fishermen catching a baby shark when the animal is a species that is protected. To be able to go to Siung, with private vehicles from Yogya, you just go to Wonosari Road. From Yogya to the Wonosari, the capital of Gunung, takes about 1-1.5 hours of travel. Beware of the uphill and winding road. Up in Wonosari, you just follow the path towards Baron Beach to the intersection leading to the beach Siung. Total time taken to reach Siung approximately 2 to 2.5 hours depending on the mode of transportation and the speed of your vehicle. If you choose public transport, you have to take a bus to the terminal Wonosari. There you must change the direction Tepus or Jepitu minibus. At the last stop you have to hire a motorcycle taxi. Because public transportation routes are not appropriate, this way is not recommended. You are coming from out of town better hire a motorcycle / car in Yogya, and traveled alone to the field. Do not worry, as almost the entire territory of Yogyakarta, access roads to the remote places – including Siung and surrounding beaches – is a smooth asphalt road. With a private vehicle, you also will be easier to visit other beaches in the region, among others Sundak, Krakal, Wediombo and Sadeng. Let’s get to Yogya !

Ticket prices (official fee):

  • People IDR 1000
  • Car IDR 1500
  • Motorcycle IDR 1000
  • Car IDR 5000
  • Motorcycle IDR 2000