Star Fruit

Fruit with latin name Averrhoa Carambola fruit is certainly not foreign to us. Elliptic with sharp ribs of five with a refreshing sweet taste, really tempting. In international circles, the fruit is known as star fruit. This is because the shape of the fruit when cut horizontally that looked like a star.

Fruit from India or Sri Lanka is not only cultivated in Southeast Asia, like Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines, but also known in the countries of sub-tropical climates, such as America and Australia. This is because the sweet star fruit is easy to grow well in places with an altitude of 0-500 m above sea level with high rainfall and got quite a lot of sun. In Indonesia, sweet star fruit are found in areas Demak, Central Java.

Star fruit including fruit is most often found, ranging from traditional markets to supermarkets that luxury. Indeed, this fruit has many fans, because the fruit is said to have originated from Malaysia this feels really crowded, there are sour, sweet and slightly Sepat to make anyone who was curious to taste. Generally the fruit is used as a mixed salad, juice or eaten immediately, but loads of benefits to maintain health and beauty.

Sweet star fruit flavor is sweet and refreshing. In addition, the fruit which in English is called Star Fruit (Star Fruit) is loaded nutrition. The content of vitamins A and C which contains a powerful antioxidant against free radicals, increase endurance. In the sweet star fruit is also rich in pectin that can trap cholesterol, prevent hardening of hepatitis or liver disease, and bile acids are present in the intestines and helps disposal. And fiber is beneficial to facilitate the digestive process. In a way, this fruit is a favorite fruit tetep dieters who want to slim.

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About apple

Do you know apple? Who is not familiar with this fruit? The fruit is readily available for sale in various places selling fruit, especially in Indonesia. Various type and color of apple fruit is everywhere. Apples much preferred because it is typical. On the one proven fat-free apple, sodium and cholesterol, as well as having a high fiber content. Not only that, apples also contain antioxidants that improve immune function so as to ward off heart disease and some cancers. One apple contains some vitamins namely, vitamin A (74IU), B Thiamin (04 mg), Niacin (15 mg), C Absorbic Acid (8 mg) and riboflavin (03 mg). There are also various kinds of minerals, like calcium (10 mg), Phosphorus (100 mg), Iron (45 mg), Potassium (159 mg) and magnesium (12 mg). Eating an apple a day can make a person believed to be free from disease. But more than that, Apple also has many benefits, especially for women. In addition, there are many more other facts about the apple that has not healthy you know, the following among others:

  • Apples can be used as lowering a fever that is the way grates
  • Steamed apple with honey can be used to treat dry cough and clear mucous from the lungs.
  • Lowering Cholesterol, eating an apple one day in six months will reduce levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body as much as 23 percent. In contrast levels of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body will increase by 4 percent.
  • Protecting bone. Apples contain flavonoids called phloridzin may help prevent osteoporosis and can increase bone density. The content of boron in apples also strengthen bones and help overcome disease Asthma. One study found that children with asthma who drank apple juice every day can reduce the pain than those who did not drink. In addition, children born to pregnant women who consume apples reduces the risk of suffering from asthma.
  • Weight loss, apple can make them lose a sense of hunger because they contain 240 calories per fruit. The women who want to eat the fruit of this one do not be afraid, because eating apples will not make you gain weight, it can actually reduce your weight, so that any curves can still be maintained.
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