Cokro Tela Cake

Indonesia has a lot of rich agricultural potential that can be used as raw material for food, one of which cassava (Manihot utilisima). Cassava as raw material for local food, have good nutritional value (complex carbohydrates) and gluten-free so good for diabetics and authis. But in Indonesia, cassava is still considered low in the eyes of society, such as ndeso, cheesy, cheap, beggar, and so forth. Even in the county said the cassava into satire or mockery of “Telo” for people who are considered tacky and stupid. Cassava (Telo) in Indonesia outcome abundant and easily obtained from Sabang to Merauke, which has the potential to maintain national food security. Unfortunately, state policy is more friendly with imported raw materials led to the community began to move away from products made from local raw. In my region, Yogyakarta or Jogja is often called the No. 1 producer of cassava in Java with a production of approximately 800,000 tons per year. People in Jogja hereditary use cassava as a traditional food such as gaplek, gatot, tiwul, and so forth. To build public awareness of products made from local materials, it is necessary in creating a preferred product of modern society, that’s the idea of ​​creation of Tela Cake. Tela cake made from 100% cassava. Shop souvenir Tela Cake established to facilitate community by product obtained by local made good, encouraging community empowerment and job creation. Cokro Tela Cake also sell products of SME (Small and Medium Enterprises), because Cokro Tela Cake intend to be more advanced economic activities and people of Indonesia have continued to love the product its own people. Cokro Tela Cake founded by Firman Budi Prasetyo (29 years) and his business partner Roy Rizky AY Aaron (26 years). The reason of Firman for choosing cassava to be used as basic ingredients to make cake is that the people of Jogja is so familiar with cassava, and Jogja itself is the largest producer of cassava in Java. In addition, as a new alternative souvenir Jogja which during the stagnation is only about bakpia, gudeg, or geplak.  Making cassava or tela a cake which requires a long process of trial and error over and over again, because it is not as easy as making bread from wheat. And then also because of the referencemade cassava cake-based rare, because that makes his bread from cassava is still minimal, “said Firman of the initial business. However, Firman continues to try to succeed, and which pioneered the business since 17 September 2009, has now come to be known and enjoyed by people both inside and outside of Yogyakarta. Although only a year, Clark Tela Cake also has embraced some 25 SME as business partners. Varian Cokro Tela Cake, among others, Tela Cake Blueberry Cake flavor, Chocolate, Mocca, Strawberry, Cheese, and Cashew Nuts with a range of 23 thousand – 25 thousand rupiahs. Well, if so far by the typical Jogja only about bakpia, gudeg, pia-pia then with the presence of Cokro Tela Cake is expected to be another alternative souvenir of Jogja. And this food is only in Yogyakarta.

There are several outlets Cokro Tela Cake:

  1. HOS Cokroaminoto street 97, Pakuncen, Wirobrajan, Yogyakarta Phone (0274) 7011911
  2. Sultan Agung street 46, Yogyakarta (Front Puro Pakualaman)
  3. Roads Kaliurang Km. 4.5 Gang Selokan Mataram
  4. at Malioboro Mall Lower Ground (Future Hero)
  5. at SPBU Maguwoharjo (in front of Adisucipto Airport)
  6. at Adisucipto Airport

Pak Min Chicken soup original from Klaten

For those of you local tourists and foreign tourists who are or will travel to Yogyakarta, it would not hurt if it took a moment to enjoy one of the original food from Klaten, namely Sop Ayam Pak Min. You know Klaten? Klaten is located in the northeast of the direction of Yogyakarta, Klaten itself is also located between the city of Solo and Yogyakarta.From Yogyakarta, you can take about 45 minutes to get to this city. Warung Sop Pak Min is open more or less started at 7 am and close when it runs out. Provided you know, food stalls are mostly not visible from the front, why not look? because there are so many cars parked in front of this stall food stalls that cover this. Chicken soup is famous for its distinctive taste and cheap price. With the start menu option Chicken Soup Mix (rice, soup, and shredded chicken meat), or we can choose an additional menu for example the thighs, head, wings, etc. brutu. It was light enough so that feels fresh in the mouth. Pairs of this soup can be fried tempeh, tofu, meatball, crackers, etc. The price is very affordable ranging from Rp 2,500 to Rp 10,000, depending on the selected side dishes. The taste and aroma of chicken soup is indeed typical, spices and kaldunya fit on the tongue. In addition, the presentation is also very fast, if we are in a condition suitable hunger and need food to eat immediately. Overview of chicken soup is indeed similar to chicken soup, but there are some differences among them do not use ginger spice. The color of the clear gravy because it does not use coconut milk. Taste sauce is tasty and fresh as it is a chicken broth. On the plus complementary foods are available at the desk that adds enjoyment. While this has opened several branches in several cities such as Yogyakarta, Surakarta and in Klaten city itself. Here’s a list of branch addresses Sop Ayam Pak Min:

  1. In the Markets, Rear Sun Klaten, Klaten
  2. Major Kusmanto Road, Home Office Inspectorate / Office of the PPP, Klaten
  3. Jogja -Solo Highway near fork Janti (Flying Bridge), Yogyakarta, more precisely before Ny Suharti Restaurant
  4.  Km 16 Pakem, Kaliurang Road, Sleman, Yogyakarta
  5. Intersection south of PLN Office Gedong Kuning (± 200 meters), Yogyakarta
  6. Jogja-Solo Highway front of Prambanan, Sleman
  7. Ahmad Yani Road Km 9 Gembongan Kartosuro, Surakarta
  8. Brigjen Sudiarto Road No. 17 Gading, Solo (Side HSBC Bank), Surakarta
Map direction Pak Min chicken soup Klaten